ESD Products

Product Image (SE-102)

ESD Brushes

Price: 75 INR

ESD Brush is used for PCB Cleaning.

Product Image (SE-028)

ESD Finger Cot

Price: 650 INR

Surface Resisitivity- 10^9

Product Image (SE-019)


Price: 120 INR

ESD Cap is made with ESD fabric and available in Man type and Round.

Product Image (SE-023)

ESD Gloves

Price: 35 INR

Antistatic/esd dotted glove is made of special anti-static polyester cloth (raw material is composed of polyester fibre and the conductive fiber), conductive fiber spacing is 10 mm(The palm part is PU coated, so have better function of anti-slip), gloves has excellent flexibility and antistatic properties, avoid the human body electrostatic damage to the product.

Product Image (SE-018)

ESD Apron

Price: 330 INR

ESD Apron is made with ESD fabric having 5.00mm carbon griding.

Product Image (BSD-101)

Electric Screwdriver

  • Supply Ability:as per order Per Month
  • Delivery Time:as per order Week
Product Image (SE-025)

Antistatic Wrist Strap

Price: 65 INR

Antistatic Wrist Strap is made with PVC and used in the electronic industries for the grounding of human body.

Product Image (SE-021)

Antistatic Slipper

Price: 210 INR

ESD shoes / slippers are made of PVC,SPU,PU,and cloth. they are comfortable ,light ,anti-slip,antistatic

Product Image (SE-020)

ESD Shoes

Price: 425 INR

ESD Shoe is made with PU/ PVC Shole and having surface resistivity is 10^8.

Product Image (SE-017)

ESD Stool

Price: 2800 INR

ESD Stool is made with Chrome base, esd fabric & drain chain for grouding

Product Image (SE-016)

ESD Chair

Price: 4500 INR

ESD Chair is made with antiistatic fabric, having drain chain for grounding.

Product Image (SE-027)

ESD Wrist Strap Cordless

Price: 95 INR

ESD Wrist Strap Cordless is used for grounding of human body

Product Image (ZE-102)

ESD Wrist Strap Tester

  • Supply Ability:as per order Per Month
  • Delivery Time:as per order Week
Product Image (ESD)

ESD Bottle

  • Delivery Time:as per order Week
  • Supply Ability:as per order Per Month
Product Image (SE-022)

ESD EVA Slipper

Price: 210 INR

ESD EVA Slipper is very light weight and easy to use. having surface resistivity 10^8.

Product Image (SE-024)

ESD PU Coated Gloves

Price: 45 INR

ESD PU coated gloves is made with Polyster and having surface resisitivity 10^9

Product Image (SE-026)

Antistatic Wrist Strap PU type

Price: 85 INR

Antistatic Wrist Strap made with PU type sleaves and having wire length is 2.0meter.

Product Image (SE-029)

ESD Tweezer

Price: 90 INR

ESD Tweezers, also called semiconductor tweezers or conductive tweezers, are suitable for the semiconductor, IC ,and other precision electronic components production use.

Product Image (SE-030)

ESD Common Grounding Points

Price: 175 INR

A common question about anti-static wrist straps is how and where to ground them

Product Image (SE-031)

ESD Mat Grounding Button

Price: 7 INR

Fast and easy way to install 10mm sockets to soft work station materials. Includes one 10mm socket, and rivet base Install 10mm sockets to ESD work station materials and ESD Mat

Product Image (SE-032)

ESD IPA Bottle

Price: 230 INR

ESD safe solvent dispenser bottles that are static free and come with average surface resistivity as required in the process

Product Image (SE-033)

ESD Shoes Cover

Price: 10 INR

ESD Shoe cover is used for static protection disposable.


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