ESD Storage Products

Product Image (SE-038)


Price: 500 INR

Designed to fit roll post shelving systems. Five standard bin sizes to suit 400 mm deep shelving. Resistant to most industrial solvents, withstands higher temperatures. Integral back stop for clear viewing of PANDA BIN contents. Partitions are notched to ensure positive location within the bins. PANDA BINS feature a small handle to allow maximum area of the front face for sticking identification labels. The PANDA BINS use a unique design for added strength.

Product Image (SE-036)

Conductive Supra Bin

Price: 100 INR

Made from Conductive Polypropylene Strong rear lip for use with louvred panels. Strong heavy duty, with reinforced base side & stacking rim. Resistant to most industrial solvents, withstands higher temperatures. Clear access to contents. All bins with identification card holder slots. Incorporates a safety stop feature in SB 4-C, SB 5-C, SB 6-C, at the back for use in shelves. Colour - BLACK.

Product Image (SE-035)

Conductive Component Organiser

Price: 5251 INR

Ideal for storing electronic parts, hardware etc. Suitable for homes workshops and factories. Comes with clear see through plastic drawers for easy visibility of contents.

Product Image (SE-037)

Conductive Bull Bins

Price: 210 INR

Made from Conductive Polypropylene. Provision for vertical partitions to increase storage options. ( Except for Bull Bin 55C) Full length rear lip supports provided for hanging bins on louvered panels or rails ( Except for Bull Bin 55C) Resistance to most industrial solvents, withstands higher temperature. Anti skid strips provided at the base. Extra wide stacking base for secure stacking. Tapered front & rear bottom for easy movement on conveyers. Stopper prevents stacked bins from shifting forward. Extra wide label slot for easy content identification. Colour - BLACK


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